An Ode To Naples

The proud and fiery Neapolitan lifestyle, culture and history has always inspired artists and lovers of life. So does Marco Pescarolo, compelling with tradition and style, pearls of each collection, evidence of the ancient sophisticated art of tailoring.

Our Heritage

Marco Pescarolo, founded in Naples in 1999, is a luxury Italian menswear company.
The Parthenopean city has always been associated with the world of sartorial and high-end elegance and class. 

Neapolitan tradition

Naples is not only the city where the brand was born, but represents the core of the way of working, and the Neapolitan tradition has always been one of the cornerstones of each collection.

That is why the brand has always tried to have an emblematic symbol of Naples in each collection that would remind customers around the world of its origin.

The Pulcinella Mask

Starting from the logo, representing Pulcinella’s Mask (the iconic mask of Neapolitan theater Commedia dell’Arte) to exclusive designs, each collection has been inspired by this city and by the excellences of the Italian craftsmanship.

Who is Pulcinella?

The mask of Pulcinella has been an iconic mask of the Neapolitan Commedia dell’Arte since the 14th century. Pulcinella embodies the wit, the festive spirit of Naples and he represents the irreverent hero, always with a smile on his face. 

For this reason, his symbol is considered a lucky charm. And Marco Pescarolo chose it as his logo precisely because of its positivity and confidence. Pulcinella, like the man Marco Pescarolo chooses, does not let problems get him down and influences everyone with his joy for life.

Naples, as the city of art and creation is just the starting point of inspiration representing the roots and the tradition, then evolving in different lifestyles from sporty to chic.

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