Smart casual, elegant or tech are our keywords. We need intelligent and appropriate garments, whether for business, travel or leisure

Our Philosophy

The fil-rouge of each of our collections is ‘comfort’. Our aim is to offer comfortable garments suitable for every occasion because our target audience is a public that travels, for business or leisure

Spring-Summer 2024 ​

marco pescarolo

Elegant linen pants in pastel colors and technical fabrics that capture sunlight and embody the true essence of a romantic Italian summer.
Every look recounts the unique atmosphere of Capri island.

Feel the scent of lemons and saltiness on a boat trip while wearing the look. So this collection results ‘elastic’ in the sense that the SS24 garments are versatile and can be adapted to many occasions, from the professional world to travel and, why not, even a day at the beach.


marco pescarolo

The inspiration for this collection came from ‘warmth’. This word in English also means ‘comfort’, ‘coziness’. So we thought of comfort and coziness, which are conveyed by places where one feels at home (and for us this concept is fundamental, as well as perfectly embodied by Capri Island).

If you are comfortable with yourself, home is wherever you are

marco pescarolo
Summer is identified as the time of year when people travel the most, so we thought of creating a collection that would best express the feeling of nonchalance and relaxation typical of those who feel good about themselves. If you are comfortable with yourself, home is wherever you are.

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marco pescarolo

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