Fall Winter 2024 - 2025

Marco Pescarolo’s Fall Winter 24-25 collection embodies the brand’s core principles: comfort, elegance and uniqueness. These values represent the common thread running through each creation.



A unique personality must have the opportunity to express itself in all circumstances. And our proposals are created with this goal in mind



We thought about the comfort and welcome conveyed by places where you feel at home



Elegance comes from feeling good in your own shoes. That’s why the fabrics we choose are designed to make the wearer feel comfortable in all circumstances

Essence for your winter

Marco Pescarolo’s Fall Winter 24/25 collection is distinguished by a refined balance between innovation and tradition. The fabrics used, such as ultra light jersey, bi-stretch cashmere and high performance materials ,give body to an elegant and comfortable winter. Fine raw materials are combined with sophisticated shades to offer the perfect mix of luxury and practicality for the cold season. Each garment is designed to give a refined sartorial experience without compromising comfort.

Excellence fabrics

Ultra light jersey, bi-stretch cashmere, virgin wool and alpaca wool: these are the exclusive fabrics selected by Marco Pescarolo for his collection Fall Winter 24/25. Warmth, lightness, breathability and softness are the brand’s promise for next winter.

The color palette of the season

Marco Pescarolo’s Fall Winter 24/25 collection is inspired by the cozy tones and atmospheres of mansions whose designs combine classic tradition with modern elements. Each garment is designed to embody this fusion of styles. Even the smallest detail is capable of instilling a sense of warmth and sophistication. The color palette is carefully selected to evoke a comfortable domestic atmosphere, and to create an enveloping harmony.

New in the collection

New pants include the METIS, a cargo “dress” with semi-hidden pockets that add an elegant touch to a traditionally sporty garment, and the VENTO and ARIA models, which combine a formal look with sporty details. Topwear also sees interesting innovations: reversible vests and college jackets, and fully unstructured “easy jackets,” a hybrid of jacket and cardigan for a sporty yet elegant look. In addition, the “travel jackets,” made of the fine “IL MAGNIFICO” crease-resistant fabric, are perfect for frequent travelers, combining style and functionality.

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